Insolvency law

The economic crisis and the resulting recession have pushed many companies or individuals to the brink of survival, causing them continuous insolvency or insolvency.

In the field of insolvency law, which falls within the scope of commercial law and regulates insolvency proceedings of legal and natural persons, our law office provides mainly the following legal services:

  1. legal consultation to creditors regarding the insurance of their claims,
  2. enforcement of creditors’ claims in insolvency proceedings (lodging claims and rights to separate settlement and exclusion rights, representation in proceedings for enforcement of negated claims, challenging a debtor’s legal action),
  3. legal consultation and representation of debtors in insolvency proceedings,
  4. legal consultation in the process of financial restructuring,
  5. legal consultation and assistance to administrators in insolvency proceedings with a variety of legal tasks and preparation of relevant acts,
  6. representation of clients in disputes on liability of members of management and administration of companies.

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