About our law office

Law office Plesec began operating in June 2016 when attorney dr. Petra Plesec, after years of exercising the function of prosecutor in the District public prosecutor’s office in Ljubljana, Department of Economic Crimes, decided to embark on an independent career.

Our law office offers a wide range of legal services mainly in the field of civil and commercial law. It is based on the principle of an individual approach and professional, efficient and constructive settlement of legal problems encountered by both entities; individuals and legal entities. One of our primary considerations is concern for the client’s rights and legal interests at the highest level. This is ensured mainly thorough knowledge of the legislation and case law as well as the ability to attribute a specific legal problem or actual situation to an appropriate statutory definition.

In addition, due to the excellent knowledge of primarily Austrian and German law as well as the German language, our legal sercvices also entail legal consultation and representation of our clients in business relations with German and Austrian business partners.

Our law office cooperates with a number of legal experts in the field of civil and commercial law, which, particularly in more complex and complicated cases, proves as the key to reaching an effective solution of the legal problem.

The vision of our law office is that every client deserves a professional, speedy and most effective solution of their legal problem or appropriate settlements of their legal relationships. That is why our motto is that success is not merely a coincidence.

Attorney dr. Petra Plesec speaks the Slovenian, German and English languages fluently.

Clients will be received upon prior notice either by phone or e-mail or through a completed contact form.

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